In Search of the Golden Fleece

On 27-28 January 2017 a conference entitled In Search of the Golden Fleece: Linguistic and Cultural Interactions between Greece and the Ancient Near East will be held at St. Hilda's College, Oxford. Further information is available at The program will be:

P. Dardano, "Homeric covenantal terminology and its Near Eastern forerunners"

S. Durnford, "Where was Aḫḫiya? Who was Attarissiya?"

C. Metcalf, "The literary evidence - from Hittite to Homer?"

I. Rutherford, "Luwian tarpalli and Greek therapon: sacrifice and narrative between Anatolia and Greece"

N. Oettinger, "Language Contact between Lydian and Greek"

R. Oreshko, "Gods of the Lydians, Greco-Lydian Contact and the Problem of Lydian Ethno-Linguistic Identity"

J. L. García Ramón, "Anatolian and Greek: languages in contact or common inheritance"

P. Steele, "Trends in writing and literacy: Greece and Phrygia, Cyprus and Phoenicia"

W. Waal, "Signs and Seals. Early writing and administrative practices in the Aegean and Anatolia"

A. Kloekhorst, "The linguistic Landscape of North West Anatolia in pre-Roman times"

H. C. Melchert, "A Possible New Greco-Carian Contact Phenomenon"

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