On 6-9 April 2017 a Conference on Environment and Human Activity in the Peloponnese was held at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, organized by the PELOPS group in cooperation with the Swedish Institute at Athens and the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. Further information is available at Papers of interest to Nestor readers included:

J. Kaplan, P. Sommer, and R. Hughes, "Quantitative modeling of land use in the prehistoric and classical Peloponnese, to characterize influence on land cover, sustainability, and vulnerability of society to environmental change"

A. Bogaard, V. Isaakidou, E. Nitsch, A. Styring, and P. Vaiglova, "Characterising land-use in prehistoric Greece and beyond: interdisciplinary approaches to on-site bioarchaeological evidence"

M. Prent and S. Kluiving, "The Geraki Archaeological Project: 6000 years of human-environment interactions in southeastern Laconia"

I. Unkel and T. Kessler, "Transformations in early Greek societies and landscapes around the Gulf of Corinth"

A. Vött, F. Lang, H.-J. Gehrke, B. Eder, L. Obrocki, B. Röbke, T. Willershäuser, P. Fischer, K. Emde, and H. Hadler, "Major flood events recorded in Holocene sedimentary sequences in and around ancient Olympia (Western Peloponnese, Greece)"

G. J. van Wijngaarden, N. Pieters, and P. Avramidis, "Human agency and landscape dynamics: an archaeological landscape biography at Zakynthos Island"

A. Bevan, R. Fyfe, M. Katsianis, A. Palmisano, N. Roberts, S. Shennan, and J. Woodbridge, "Case studies in human demography, climate and land use in the later Holocene Mediterranean"

M. Boyd, K. Holmgren, P. Karkanas, D. Hoffman, K. P. Jochum, and C. Spötl, "Alepotrypa Cave: insights into climate and human activity captured in speleothems"

M. Hättestrand, E. Norström, C. Katrantsiotis, E. Modig, T. Sheik, S. Stocker, C. Mcnamee, P. Avramidis, "Environmental change and human activity since the Late Bronze Age in SW Peloponnese: interpretations of new multiproxy data from Gialova lagoon in relation to archaeological findings"

A. Bonnier, A. Izdebski, G. Koloch, K. Kouli, and T. Słoczynski, "Settlement dynamics and agricultural economies in Mainland Greece and Western Anatolia, 1000 BC–600 AD: correlating the evidence from palynological and archaeological data"

R. Hughes, "Circle diagrams and (Peloponnesian) archaeology: methods, data, limitations and possibilities"

F. Dibble and M. Finné, "Changing foodways as adaptation to ancient climate change"

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